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Lynex GX1500

GX1500 macht die Unmögliche Kunst möglich. Nie zuvor hat ein Geräteträger die Situation bis zur Perfektion anpassen können.
Schwerpunkt und Bodenfreiheit.

The center of gravity on the GX1500 can be moved to the extreme. The hydraulically adjusted between 10 and 55 cm, which provides optimal opportunities to drive on slopes up to 45 degrees, and on marsh land or water. This happens with a small touch on the remote control.

The machine has hydraulic suspension in all four corners for smooth running without vibration.


  • Wälle/Abhänge
  • Water Pools
  • Denkmäler
  • Feuchtgebiete
  • Strassenbau
  • Naturschützgebiete

Transmission / engine

The engine is the Caterpillar brand with 100 HP that provides great power to the tools one may want to put on the machine. There isn’t any V-belt on the machine, this reduces the maintenance on this model Gx 1500

The powerful transmission sits in closed well tested gearboxes. We’ve only used the best components to ensure the highest possible efficiency. If the machine must be running with crushes and not desired PTO operation, it also comes with a piston pump of 95 hp to the crusher.

Remote Control

We have developed the remote from scratch, and it is the only one on the market, that has two way communication, making it possible to get valuable information on how steep the slopes are, or how high the engine oil pressure and temperature is at all times. The electronics are in fact so robust that the remote also is sold to industrial machinery. It uses 2.4 Ghertz, which means that it has approved almost anywhere even at oil refineries. The remote has a guaranteed range exceeding 800 meters.


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The machine has a cooling capacity designed for operation in Australia. The radiator is fitted with a dust and pollen filter that effectively removes all foreign matter. As an option, GX1500 comes with reversible fan blades which are controlled from the remote.

3 point hitch, PTO.

The machine is fitted as standard with 3 point hitch on the rear end and front.
This allows the GX1500 to run all tools that a tractor can run. Our PTO is mechanically which means that 98% of the effect is on the PTO and therefore no transmission loss here.

Tekniske specifikationer

Type GX1500
Motor Perkins 100 hp 4.4 L Turbo
Slopes up to 45 degress in all directions
Weight 2200 kg
Speed forward/reverse (0-2) (0-5) (0-7,5) (0-10)
Turning radius 4gier 0 degrees
Width 1.6 to 2.3 meters
Height 1.1 to 1.7 meters
Length 3.1 meters
Center of gravity between 0.3 and 1 m


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