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Lynex SX1000

The Lynex SX1000 is a radio controlled flail slope mower designed for mowing slopes of up to 75 degrees

With very low ground pressure the machine is particularly useful in ecologically sensitive areas and over soft ground. The machine cuts long grass and light scrub but also provides a very good finish on short mown areas.

The reliable transmission, combined with powerful cutting high performance even under difficult conditions, and the machine is ideal for mowing on steep slopes at water reservoirs and nature reserves.

Areas of use

  • walls / cliffs
  • Wetlands
  • Water Pools
  • Road construction
  • Antiquities
  • Natural areas

The unique engine mounts ensures that the engine always in vertical position during operation.
The deck has great absorbency and also provides great cutting capacity.

The Fail Safety system monitor the machine under all conditions. We have developed our own remote which only weighs half the weights of others remotes which raises considerable discomfort.

Safety features include an emergency single action cut out switch on the hand control, and another located on the machine itself.


Watch Lynex SX1000 in action

Watch footage of the machine in action.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to see the machine in real life.

Technical specifications

Type SX
Model SX1000
Engine 23 PS, B&S Vanguard, Gasoline
Weight 290 kg
Lengt 132 cm
Width 154 cm
Height 132 cm
Turning radius
Runs up hill to 75°
Three point linkage
PTO shaft – front
Remote Range 800 m, 2,4 GHertz
Mover deck 100 cm
The machine can be modified as needed.
(*Disclaimer for changes in technical specifications etc.)


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