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Under the work for the railway network, we have focusing on work environment.
ISS have some difficult spaces on the track area with slopes of up to 60 degrees.
We were very skeptical when Lynex machine showed up because we had already tested some others types of slope mowers with disappointing results. It turned out soon that the machine could run on our slopes with no problems.

We place great emphasis on safety and working environment. In 2008 we purchased two Lynex LX1000 in order to get even better safety and security for staff on the slopes. The secondary gain was a saving of number of man hours.

The machine can work on the slopes in any weather, which was an impossibility in the old days when we went on the steep slopes, which was very slippery in the rain due to the high clay content in soil.

Machine “crush” the grass, wich make a quick decomposering even after cutting the high grass.
Today we have much less challenges with security for the people who no longer need to move on the slopes. They do not get as tired as they do not have to go with a machine on the slopes, but is at a safe distance, without body vibration, ankle injuries or other hazardslet.

Lynex gives security for the working peopel, because the machine is in a safe distance. and it is very confortabel,

Vejle county has 295 rainwater pools.

When they need a new slopemower, the choice was no coincidence. They tried several different machines, and Tommy Rasmussen tells, he was not in doubt in Lynex, when he had to take the choice for a new efficient machine.

The choice was no coincidence when we should have a new machine to mow our rainwater pools. We tried several different slope mowers tells Tommy Rasmussn. When he had to take the choice for a new, efficient machine.

Lynex has a much higher capacity and it is significantly better centre of gravity, compared to the other alternative. The reason is that a Lynex uses the strength to mow the grass and not to come forward.

The remote is extremely easy and joystick is very soft, so even if you must run the machine 8 hours each day, you will not hurt either thumb your back.
Tommy Rasmussen tells also. The fact that the entire machine can be controlled with one hand, is a big advantage, when I talk on the phone while I drive.

There are few moving parts in the machine and it is incredibly easy to maintain.
In the beginning I was a little skeptical about the chassis frame is able to keep, but now after we have been running for over 2000 hours there is nothing to look at the chassis frame.
We’ve run in rain water tanks, which have not been mowed in 30 years. In the beginning I was very nervous, when the machine drive into an old bike or a large stone, but now I just reverse with the machine, when I hear noises, removes the obstacle and continue. Tommy adds that often you drive blindly into the meter-high grass, not knowing what lies ahead.

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