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Lynex TX2500

Lynex TX2500 is a 250 hp tool carrier on tracks

TX2500 has the markets lowest center of gravity and maximum ground clearance in the same time. The cab is placed in rear linkage and can be removed without tools.

The machine is remote controlled as the SX1000 the new machine has linkage at both ends and can run with all tools for. example a mulcher.

Power loss on transmission are among the lowest, 245 hp at the Front-PTO. The machine is also equipped with a turbine clutch to take the shock of the transmission line.

Areas of use

  • walls / cliffs
  • Wetlands
  • Water Pools
  • Road construction
  • Antiquities
  • Natural areas


The 250 hp Caterpillar engine provides plenty of power to even the most difficult challenges. The small weight of 5 tons only need a minumum of power to move forward.

The hydrostatic piston pumps has the best efficiency, and saves fuel. The transmission consists of a Zuiderberg gearbox and turbine clutch, which takes all the shocks loads off the machine.

Suspension undercarrier/ Chassis.

TX2500 has been newly designed Patent Pending undercarriage. This chassis is hydraulically suspendet in all 4 corners. This means that the strong chassis always follow a straight line above the earth’s surface and the shock is absorbed in the suspension and the tool is moving quietly in a straight line from the ground.

The rubbertracks can be adjusted hydraulically between 2.1 m and 3 m total wide (depending on equipment), ground clearance is also adjustable between 10 and 55 cm, and can in that way get gravity of only 50 cm on slopes. On wetlands the clear height can be increased so underbody machine is not hanging on the chassis.


Watch Lynex TX2500 in action

Watch footage of the machine in action.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to see the machine in real life.

Rubber tracks

Tracks are hydraulically suspended. This means, if there will be a rock or stone into the belts, the hydraulic suspension will just forsh back until the stone is dispersed. Belts are always drawn by the same pressure and are self tightened.

Another big advantage of this system is that the entire belt can be switched to a wider belt on the same chassis, and this can be done during a 30 min completely without tools.


Radiator blades can reverse the air flow at full load, the radiator is always clean and efficient.

Cleaning with compressed air is not necessary any more.

Technical specifications

Type TX
Model TX2500
Engine 250 ps, CAT, Turbo Diesel, 8,4 l
Weight 4.985 kg
Lengt 460 cm
Width 210-234 cm
Height 165-190 cm
Turning radius
Runs up hill to 45°
Three point linkage Front & Rear, Cat. 2, m. 2.000 kg
PTO shaft – front Mech., 6 splines, 1000 RPM, R el. L
Remote Range 800 m, 2,4 GHertz
Mover deck Dep. on the impl.
The machine can be modified as needed.
(*Disclaimer for changes in technical specifications etc.)


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